Elena Baybörek works as a psychologist, a holistic health & plant-based nutrition coach, as well as a spiritual entrepreneur for her company The Art of Flourishing. She has teaching experiences in Switzerland as well as internationally for several years.

Since then, she founded The Art of Flourishing, because she believes in everyone’s ability to learn the Art of Flourishing, which means to her having the humility, curiosity, and responsibility for self-care and self-growth. She thinks that self-care is essential, and multi-dimensional – it’s taking care of yourself psychologically, physically, emotionally, and energetically, ideally with an eco-conscious approach.

Thus, her mission is to provide practice-oriented guidance and tools to help you help yourself. For optimal efficiency, Elena uses a multidisciplinary and holistic approach, where she offers advice and tools from, among others, the fields of positive psychology, coaching, spirituality, emotional freedom technique (EFT), relaxation/mindfulness, art therapy, and plant-based nutrition.

Elena works in French, in English, and in German.

She works in her office in Neuchâtel (Switzerland), as well as online per phone call and videoconference.


Bachelor in psychology. University of Fribourg, and partially at the Virginia Commonwealth University, in Richmond (USA). Graduated with honors and an academic award.

Master in psychology, major: work and organizational psychology. Specialization in health, happiness and well-being at work. University of Neuchâtel, and partially at the University of Bern. Graduated with honors (GPA: 5,38, Swiss grading scale from 1 to 6).

Continuing education in the areas of plant-based nutrition, positive psychology, coaching, personal development, emotional intelligence, and emotional freedom technique (EFT).

“A human-being is like a plant, with the right nourishment and the right care, it will flourish.

If all humans would flourish, the world would become a gorgeous and harmonious garden.”

– The Art of Flourishing – Elena Baybörek

The Values of The Art of Flourishing

Integrative approach

You will be coached with an integrative and holistic approach, and every aspect of your life (that you want) will be covered. You will get lots of advices and learn many tools to take care of yourself on different levels – psychologically, physically, emotionally and energetically.



You are free and responsible for the direction your life takes. You will therefore be encouraged to own your daily life choices and to be more proactive. The aim is to increase your sense of self-efficacy and that you feel more in control of your life.



You will have a safe space to be yourself and to dare to try new things. Your uniqueness will be respected, valued, and encouraged so that you create the life that really suits you.

Your coaching sessions will therefore be unique and tailor-made with you for you.


You will be listened to with empathy, sensitivity, and kindness. Your needs will be heard. You will be supported on your unique life path.


The Art of Flourishing is aligned and encourages a simpler lifestyle, in harmony with oneself, others, animals, and nature.

By working on yourself, and thus living more in alignment with your “true self”, you will bring the best version of yourself on this planet. Thank you for that.


After discussing your current situation (anamnesis), you will choose what is most important to you. You will decide what you want to work on with the proposed methods that will suit you best.

Partners & Organisations that trust The Art of Flourishing